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The Next Immigration Challenge

January 11, 2012

The immigration crisis that has roiled American politics for decades has faded into history. Illegal immigration is shrinking to a trickle, if that, and will likely never return to the peak levels of 2000. Just as important, immigrants who arrived in the 1990s and settled here are assimilating in remarkable and unexpected ways.

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Nueva York empieza a promover el voto latino

January 8, 2012

Organizaciones no partidistas de Nueva York empezaron a impulsar una mayor participación de los hispanos con miras a las elecciones generales de noviembre. La iniciativa promueve movilizar a los hispanos para que se registren y salgan a votar, con la premisa: es el único medio de lograr avances para la comunidad en todos los órdenes.

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Holder Speaks Up for Voting Rights

December 14, 2011

For months, the Justice Department has largely been silent as Republican-dominated legislatures in state after state made it harder for minorities, poor people and other Democratic-leaning groups to vote. On Tuesday, however, Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. spoke out forcefully and promised to use the full weight of his department to ensure that new electoral laws are not discriminatory. To live up to that vow, he will have his hands full.

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Judge Finds Manipulation in Recall Vote in Arizona

October 8, 2011

MESA, Ariz. — At first glance, it had the makings of a spirited election: the leader of Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigration facing off at the polls with an immigrant from Mexico who believed that the state had gone too far...

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Texas Voting Rights Clash Puts U.S. High Court in Election Fray

January 9, 2012

U.S. Supreme Court justices grappled with minority voting rights in Texas’s congressional and state legislative districts, trying to find a quick fix against the backdrop of looming deadlines.

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While D.C. sleeps, N.Y. should DREAM

December 27, 2011

Over the past 10 years, there has been endless posturing in Washington about our broken immigration system. Unfortunately, these debates have achieved nothing to produce critically needed comprehensive immigration reform.

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Election laws tightening in GOP-run states

October 31, 2011

Republicans in states like Florida are making it more challenging to vote or to register others. Democrats say it's an effort to disenfranchise students, the elderly, the poor, the disabled and minorities — and to unseat President Obama.

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